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Hosea 8:12 – God’s Word a Strange Thing

God in His Word has given us prophetic insight of that which is to come.  In times past, He sent His prophets to make His will and intentions known. In these latter days, He has provided His written Word to show us what will soon come to pass.

Romans 8:20 – Bondage To Corruption

Because of the corrupting influence of sin, everything in this world is running down.  When God first created the earth, all that’s in it, and man himself, the result was good and very good.  Had things remained that way, we wouldn’t find ourselves in the predicament in which we’re currently living.  What is that predicament? …

Sow The Wind and Troubling News

Given the news lately, if you haven’t read my Whirlwind Series beginning with Sow The Wind, you may wish to consider doing so.  This is a link to an article from Natural News that says thousands of guillotines are being stockpiled in numerous American cities.  The intent is to kill Christians and conservatives when the…