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Biblical Audio Commentary – Rapture & Feast of Trumpets?

One of the bedrock beliefs I’ve had concerning the Rapture is that it is analogous to the Galilean wedding. After the Son’s betrothal to His Bride, He goes back to His Father’s house, prepares the bridal chamber, and then comes to get His Bride when the Father determines it is time to do so (John 14:1-3). As a result, the Rapture is an imminent event, not tied to anything earthly that someone could point to in order to predict Christ’s return.

2 Kings 3:27 – Human Sacrifice

The demonic realm hungers for blood. We’ve all heard about satanic rituals where blood is shed or even drank, so there’s certainly enough information and proof that adherents of darkness who follow Satan and his minions perform abhorrent practices.  Have you ever wondered why, or to what end? First, it’s important to understand there are…