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Awaken Biblical Prophecy Commentary – “All My Friends Will Be There”

Have you ever had a conversation about the Gospel with an unbeliever, and you’ve gotten to the point of telling them about the consequences of sin and of rejecting Jesus Christ as Savior, then you come to the punchline? What are those consequences? The person who denies Christ, denies God the Father who mercifully sent His Son to shed His blood on the cross and die for us. And when this happens and the person dies, he or she goes to hell.

Biblical Audio Commentary: Afterlife Destinations

After a discussion with a friend of mine concerning where people go when they die, I realized there is some confusion among believers about what the Bible teaches in this regard.  What I hope to do here is provide a simple explanation for my friend and others who aren’t quite sure about this important topic.

Luke 16:26 – A Great Chasm

In all the parables Jesus told, He never used proper names; He would simply give a description of a person, e.g. “the rich young ruler.”  There was one exception to this general rule, and that was in His recounting the incident with the beggar, Lazarus, and the rich man.  Because of the use of Lazarus’…