Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 8-4-21: Graphene Oxide – Say What?

As we move deeper into the vaccine fantasy that everyone must be jabbed with an experimental biological agent that impacts human genes in unimaginable ways and which does nothing to keep a person from contracting COVID, we keep learning more and more about these extremely dangerous – literally poisonous – substances. I want to repeat and highlight the word POISON. Every time we turn around, new ingredients are found in these shots. None of them are good as they are all absolutely foreign to the human body. Tonight we discuss a major ingredient of grave concern: Graphene Oxide.

Please see Sources at the Rumble page.

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  1. Reply Charlie Jones

    That is not mine, but this glutathione includes the NAC. Thank you for all the information! I just lucked on to your Prophecy on Rumble a few days ago and have been deep diving. Was sad that I found myself at the very end. Will try to figure out when they started and work my way through. I’m sharing, as well! It’s just what I’ve been looking for to help with writing my plea for a religious exemption on the vaccine mandate at work. A Catholic healthcare system and so far I have heard of no one that has received a religious exemption. I think because The Vatican approved it. I don’t believe in abortion, but my religious beliefs are all about the precursor to the mark. I was SO happy to see you hit on that! I knew about it, but all I could find was tech talk and research literature. You made it all very easy and no so science fictiony. I’ve been telling my friends and they think I’m talking about microchips. It is SO worse than that! I have waited until almost the last minute to get this exemption done, but I had faith that the answers would come to me. Praise God! Bless you a thousand times! I may quote you a tad, but you WILL get the credit and I’m going to give them your website address. After all, “we need to do all we can to open the eyes and ears of non-believers”. (Gary Ritter)
    Thanks again!
    Charlie Jones

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Thank you, Charlie. I have a LOT of stuff back over on YouTube, but because of my discussions of COVID related issues, I can’t post there anymore. Here’s my channel: As you can see I’m pointing over to Rumble from there.

      If I’m reading your note correctly, you may be Catholic? I will warn you that I’m very hard on the Catholic Church as a whole. The last several classes on the Bill Salus book The Next Prophecies – posted in purple – deal with issues surrounding the Harlot in Revelation, etc. I absolutely believe that there are people in the RCC who are saved, but not because of their doctrine and teaching, rather in spite of them. The primary issue comes down to the Biblical truth of Ephesian 2:8-9 and many other related passages. The RCC states it is anathema for someone to be saved by faith alone by grace alone, and that only by being part of Catholicism and obeying the church’s mandate can someone go to heaven. Being an evangelical/pentecostal you can imagine how that doesn’t sit right with me. Anyway, I hope this doesn’t put you off, and that you’ll keep digging in for truth. My objective is solely to glorify God.

  2. Reply Burl E Tolley

    Thank you Mr. Ritter for sharing your knowledge & insight regarding this Covid/injection subject we’re all facing today. You helped me sort it all out and see it all more cohesively and actually it makes more sense to me now. Ah, history DOES repeat itself, right? Today it’s the same old rebellious human desire to try and circumvent God’s plan for humanity that, for instance, Cortez the explorer was obsessed with… namely searching for the supposed Fountain of Youth! In order to obtain an eternal existence! The Devil always has a counterfeit plan that appears to mimic God’s original. Well now, here we go again, man’s latest quest is to try and create (notice I said create) an eternal existence for himself via going wholly digital!

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