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Lamentations 4:17 – Our Eyes Failed

My wife and I were heading into town in our separate cars.  She was in the lead.  Suddenly on the rural road ahead, I saw the aftermath of what had been a two-car accident.

Jeremiah 15:4 – What Manasseh Did

When a particular individual is singled out for his wickedness in the Bible, you can be assured that the things he did were over and above God’s threshold for tolerance.

Isaiah 13:20 – Babylon Never Again Inhabited

What is the eschatological secret of Babylon?  Many have tried to understand this over the years.  I confess that I am one of them.  There are two primary narratives as to what is end-times Babylon.  What is most popular?  Which account makes the most sense – at least to me? Babylon has a long and…

John 8:12 – Light of the World

How hard it is for the world to accept Jesus! It seems as though people will turn any direction but toward Him.  They see what they think is light on the horizon, but they’re deceived. It’s as though the darkness casts a mirage that appears as light.  Just like the illusion in the desert of…