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1 Kings 13:34 – Fruit of Bad Counsel

Counsel may come from men and be good or bad and have its consequences; when counsel comes from God and is ignored the outcome is disastrous. When Rehoboam became king in place of his father Solomon, he immediately had a choice to make as to how he would rule.  The people of Israel came to…

Numbers 18:5 – Wrath No More

Yahweh had separated the Levites as a unique tribe among the twelve in Israel to serve Him.  Because they had stood against the depravity that the children of Israel engaged in during the incident of the golden calf, God ordained them for service (Exodus 32:29).  The Lord made many pronouncements about what this meant and…

Numbers 3:12 – Redemption by Levite

When the Lord redeemed the children of Israel from the fiery furnace of slavery in Egypt, because of the blood He shed of the Egyptian firstborn, the Israelites incurred a debt that had to be paid.  Yahweh informed Moses of this in Exodus 13:1-2 The Lord said to Moses, “Consecrate to me all the firstborn….