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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 8-16-23: Problematic Catholic Bookend Beliefs – Part 1

I must be a masochist.  Not content to call out erroneous post-Trib Rapture and NAR doctrines, US government conspiracies, and the medical profession for their devilish, homicidal participation in the depopulation agenda which I call Hospicide, I also have to take on the Vatican.  Is it something simple like their faith by works beliefs or the false un-Scriptural notion of purgatory?  Oh no – I have to investigate their thinking about Genesis and Revelation – the two cornerstone books in the Bible.

Biblical Audio Commentary – They Took Counsel

From the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry, the rulers of the day had serious issues with Him.  Of course, from John the Baptist, we know it wasn’t Jesus who had the problem, it was the rulers themselves.

Biblical Audio Commentary – Gates or Portals

Throughout Scripture we see many references to different gates.  A great many verses point to various city gates, which in their own way are necessary and important.  However, our focus today is on those gates in the Bible which are actually portals of one kind or another. 

Acts 8:28 – Reading the Prophet Isaiah

When someone is faithful to the Lord, He can do astounding things through that willingness to obey. Philip was such a man, who was mighty in his deeds because of his purposeful dedication to Christ. One such incident that happened because of his love for God is often recounted, and it gives us a valuable…

Judges 2:19 – They Turned Back

Many people consider the book of Judges the saddest in the entire Bible.  It chronicles the  persistent apostasy of Israel despite God’s continuing mercy upon His children. Yahweh had given the land of Canaan to the Israelites.  He promised He would fight for them to drive out its wicked inhabitants.  But, they had a responsibility;…