The Q Quandary – Part 2

In Part 1 of The Q Quandary, I described how Christians can be deceived in following Q without exercising wisdom and discernment.  The reason for this is because the outcome that Q espouses is exactly the same as what the New Age / New Gnostic community believes will happen.  Their expectation is that once Q defeats the Deep State forces arrayed against President Trump, this will result in a Great Awakening, i.e. a glorious future free of the evil players attempting to create a New World Order.  This is not a Biblical outcome.  Scripture tells us the world will get darker as mankind becomes more depraved in its anti-God fervor.  This will lead to the Tribulation.  That’s quite a difference in outcomes.

In this essay, Part 2 of The Q Quandary, I wanted to outline the contrasting thinking of Q’s New Age-Gnostic followers versus how they view the opposing Deep Staters that desire to enact a One World Government, and then add a couple of other factors into the mix.  The chart below hopefully summarizes this conflicting thinking between the two groups.

Those who follow Q can be said to be part of the Alliance, while the Deep State players are described as the Cabal.

Alliance                                  Cabal

Q                                            Deep State

Light                                       Dark

White hats                              Black hats

White magic                           Black magic

Illumination                             Satanism

New Age-Gnostic                   New World Order

Freedom                                 Domination

Storm – expose dark             Shelter – hide dark deeds

Righteous                              Morally depraved  (elite pedophilia rings)


This isn’t perfect, but you can get a sense of the gathering conflict.  However, as I noted in Part 1, this is—on the surface to a Christian observer—Satan against Satan and a house divided.  As I also said, that’s not the case.

In thinking about these two factions, I realized that they aren’t the only conflicting ideologies.  In fact, Satan isn’t juggling just two balls with his sleight-of-hand to distract Christ-followers from the truth of Scripture, he’s got at least four balls in the air.  There are undoubtedly more, but the other two major ones are the Red-Green Alliance, comprised of Red Marxists and Green Islamists on one hand, and the Apostate Church on the other.

The Red-Green Alliance causes Christians to stumble because of various lies they believe.  Prominent dupes of the Red Marxist cause are those on the Left, the liberals who believe in climate change, social justice, and the false racist narrative that’s currently being peddled.  At the same time, the Green Islamic side has done a remarkable job of confusing immature Christians to think that Islam and Christianity worship the same God.  They do not.  But gullible Christians are led down this path of Chrislam, believing that since Islam and Christianity are both Abrahamic faiths, they are equally valid.

While these forces are in play drawing Christians into false narratives, within the overall scope of what’s considered Christianity, there’s another major pond of quicksand.  Most of us are aware of the great apostasy taking place in the church.  Mainline denominations have almost completely succumbed.  Evangelicals are likewise embracing non-Biblical positions through aberrant support of LGBT and other like currents in society.  However, rampant ecumenicalism is also muddying the water.  The Vatican has attempted to overthrow the Reformation ever since it began with Luther.  The various popes have worked to undermine the wrong-thinking protestant church by bringing its leaders together to agree on various so-called common doctrines.  By doing this, the vital differences have been ignored in the interest of unity.  This has led in recent years to evangelicals “coming back” to Rome and agreeing that the Reformation was a mistake.  One prominent evangelical leader even went so far as to kiss the feet of the pope as an act of repentance and honor.

If you consider these four balls that Satan is juggling, on the surface you’d think that he really has a divided kingdom.  But, if you realize his every intent is not to have one side “win”; rather, it’s to draw God’s people into confusion and to darkness, then Satan’s mash of seemingly opposing positions makes sense.

Coming back to Q, as I’ve said previously, the stated outcome of eliminating the Deep State and the satanic elites who comprise it is a terrific effort.  Who of right mind could oppose that?  But as true followers of Jesus Christ, we must not be led astray.

By remembering that we’re in the world—and thus should be aware of what’s going on around us—we must absolutely not be of the world.  We must see through a Biblical, prophetic lens.  It is only through that prism that we can rightly discern the deceptions around us and the dark spiritual forces that desire to keep us from God and Truth.

Let’s stay awake and alert to keep on focus on Jesus and His soon return.

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  1. Reply Jeni Dimon

    I agree that Christians should be warned that Q and many Qanons (people following and interpreting what Q states in their drops) believe in Kingdom Now theology, even if they don’t know what it means in the first place. I have often said that a whole lot of people are going to have serious faith doubt when we don’t have everlasting peace and happiness when the deep state is or can be eliminated. Having said that, I know that that teaching is scripturally unsound, but it is in itself not a hindrance to salvation.

    But I am a mature Christian who understands what is going on in this world, and I will never reject having my eyes opened to this. In that regard, I cannot fault the whole movement. I support the Q movement to the extent that people need to know how evil many in government, Hollywood, and the MSM are and how their utter control over our every day lives runs, not to mention the horror of human trafficking which is also deeply tied to it all. The lengths they have gone to this year alone tells me people need to stop listening and start praying. So many Christians I know think this virus is deadlier than the plague, they don’t think the election is THAT important, and that life will just get back to normal soon. So that tells me if they are so blind to Satan’s wiles, they probably aren’t praying much either about it. To me, Q opens up the discussion about what’s really going on. No one I know who reads their Bible trusts that Q is going to save the planet, just maybe stave off judgment a few more years. I don’t agree that listening to Q regarding key players and events in play does not mean I am buying into new ageism. I also agree with you that the church should not mix with the work of the world, but reading what’s going on and keeping informed of developments is a far cry from putting your total faith in something. You absolutely cannot get real news from the MSM.

    Like I said, I mostly agree with you, and you did a good job pointing out the error of it all. But to me, it’s pretty much a political belief, and not as much an existential one. Yes, it does exist and it’s sad people don’t know what the word says, but you could have this conversation in many Christian denominations all across America….the NAR belief, not just in Q circles. Let’s pray, get people knowledgeable about what’s really going on, and vote against the people wanting to take everything from us. That’s all Q really is. I know I’ll get emails yelling at my “heresy”, but you don’t have to align with Satan and new age to find info about evil being taken down. Not sure how reading about it causes one to join with new age beliefs. It’s like anything else you read; compare it to scripture and throw out the wrong stuff.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Hi Jeri,
      I hope I made it clear that I have no problem watching Q either. He has helped me see what is going on behind the scenes so as to be alert to it. The problem, of course, is where Q can lead some people who are not Biblically grounded, especially in the prophetic and end-times understanding. I’ve a had a couple people write me disagreeing with my assessment of Q’s end game who indicate they are solid Christians, e.g. following Rapture Ready, etc. But there’s definitely a disconnect between where the Bible says we’re going and what Q indicates, so I can’t agree with their conclusions.

      Thanks for writing, and God bless!

  2. Reply Carol Roscup

    Thank you! I have been hearing about Q for a few years now, maybe from the beginning, from a friend that is “a little out there”. The one thing he has said that I have wished with all my heart that I could believe is that at some point all of these evil-doers that have sealed endictments against them will be arrested and held accountable for their crimes, including those in the media that have cooperated with their wickedness. I have dabbled in following some of the anons a bit and have always been encouraged by their assurances that this is being worked on and will eventually happen, but then I would hear something from them that I KNEW was not scriptural. If they can be wrong about something as clear as Biblical truth, how can I put any trust in anything else they say. So I would stop listening to them. But then I would separate the political parts of what they were saying from the religious parts and would consider the possibility that I could examine what I hope is happening politically and legally and just reject when they get into Biblical/end-times error. The news every night is just so discouraging because it seems like evil is winning, even though I know God wins in the end. I know in eternity these evil-doers will be held accountable, but I want to see them held accountable now also and it drives me crazy to see them continue to get away with it. I sort of need to look into the anons a bit just to keep from getting so discouraged about the here and now, while my heart longs for the return of Christ to put this whole matter to rest and right these wrongs for eternity. Your teaching finally helped me to settle the vacillation between these two extremes in my heart and mind. I can chew on the meat of the political happenings they report on and spit out the bones of their Biblical/end-times error. Fortunately I know my Bible well enough I feel able to sort out the truth from the error. I just didn’t want to look at any of the anon stuff if it was offensive to the Lord for me to do so. I do feel better educated about what is really going on under the surface in our country and in the world when I am looking at the anons. I haven’t followed the praying medic. I will look into him for now. I thank you for being willing to reasonably teach on a subject most won’t touch, and thank you for the clarity on where they go wrong.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Hi Carol,
      You said it exactly right: we have to eat the meat but spit out the bones. God calls us to be watchful, and to do so we have to know what’s going on. It’s just that we need to be very careful – to be Bereans – to separate that which is Biblical from that which is not. Q provides so much information, and there are some recent documentaries I’ve seen that provide more info – shocking stuff! But, we cannot hold up their end game if that deviates from Scriptural truth – which too much of Q and his supporters do. I think Praying Medic does a really good job reporting on Q, but he buys into that end game. PM is also heavily into dreams and healing. To a degree, I have no problem with such things, as I’m Pentecostal and in the Assemblies of God. However, when these things go too far – and that’s up to interpretation as to where that point is – then I can’t go there. (I’d probably describe myself as a conservative Pentecostal.) If you’ve read any of my other essays, you’ll know that I’m highly critical of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), and PM bleeds into that. I think I stated in my article that NAR and the new Gnosticism seem to have many points in common in my estimation. When you start seeing that, then Satan’s wily use of these movements as their source becomes more apparent.

      Thanks for writing. God bless!

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