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Monkeying with Monkeypox

Better Monkeypox than Smallpox.  If we were talking about Smallpox right now, the situation – if accurate – would truly be horrifying for humanity. Few are saying it, but I will: The fact that Monkeypox is spreading to humans is because it has been engineered to do so with gain-of-function research.

The Great Reset: Interview with Archbishop Carlo Vigano

The Great Reset: Blockbuster Interview with Archbishop Carlo Vigano The following is a reprint of a recent interview by Lifesite News of Archbishop Carlo Vigano. The original article can be found here:   Archbishop Vigano made news in 2020 because of his hard-hitting letters to President Donald Trump that outlined the wicked plans of…

Cyber Polygon: The Next Globalist War Game & Catastrophe?

Please read and take this article as a warning.  It’s something I’ve discussed in my weekly Awaken Bible Prophecy Updates as a potential “next big thing” coming from the globalist elites.  These people have tasted blood.  They will not stop now until they get what they want.  What that will be is actually judgment from…