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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 8-16-23: Problematic Catholic Bookend Beliefs – Part 1

I must be a masochist.  Not content to call out erroneous post-Trib Rapture and NAR doctrines, US government conspiracies, and the medical profession for their devilish, homicidal participation in the depopulation agenda which I call Hospicide, I also have to take on the Vatican.  Is it something simple like their faith by works beliefs or the false un-Scriptural notion of purgatory?  Oh no – I have to investigate their thinking about Genesis and Revelation – the two cornerstone books in the Bible.

Numbers 2:2,17 – At the Center

We first encounter the term “tent of meeting” in Exodus 33:7-11 as the tent that Moses pitched outside the camp, where he would seek the Lord and speak with Him face to face.  This tent was the temporary tabernacle of God that was a place of worship and where He dwelt.  When Moses entered the…