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Biblical Audio Commentary – They Took Counsel

From the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry, the rulers of the day had serious issues with Him.  Of course, from John the Baptist, we know it wasn’t Jesus who had the problem, it was the rulers themselves.

To Test Israel

To determine whether God’s Chosen People truly had faith in Him, the Lord allowed pagan nations to remain in the land of Canaan as the Exodus concluded so that the next generation of Israelites might experience war.

John 9:31 – God Listens to Him

For some reason, many people who consider themselves Christians believe they can live a carnal or secular life and still have God listen and respond to them.  In our present culture there are numerous people who go to church and live far from God, yet expect His blessings.  Who are these people?  Given the nature…

Called To Suffer

Why is it many people don’t understand that being called to become a disciple of Jesus Christ involves suffering, that rather, they believe it is supposed to be a comfortable life filled with material blessings? The Lord was quite clear to Saul when He called him on the road to Damascus where he became the…