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Rapture Readings 11 – The Taboo Answer

In order to have an answer, we must first have a question.  What sort of question could we ask within the context of Christianity that might have an answer that must be deemed taboo? The question is actually a two-parter:

Part 1 – Is there eternal security?
Part 2 – Will all who are saved be Raptured?

Revelation 17:1 – The Great Prostitute

The dynamics that will occur during the Tribulation can make your head spin.  So much will go on politically and in the religious realm that sorting out the players and events can be a challenge.

Jeremiah 15:4 – What Manasseh Did

When a particular individual is singled out for his wickedness in the Bible, you can be assured that the things he did were over and above God’s threshold for tolerance.

Isaiah 3:9 – They Proclaim Their Sin

The first several chapters of Isaiah read as if God could be speaking to us today.  God called Isaiah to proclaim Israel’s sin so as to awaken the people to their danger of imminent judgment.  He cared deeply for His children Israel, but they were indifferent.  By this time in their history, God’s Chosen People…

1 Corinthians 11:32 – Condemned Along With the World

The taking of Communion is a serious matter.  Partaking of it in the right manner may impact our very health and longevity; the context that Paul outlines implies that it may also have implications in how Jesus judges the world in the Tribulation. When Paul learned how the Corinthians were coming together for the Lord’s…