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Biblical Audio Commentary – Those Who Were Left

Although it was obviously God-ordained, I’ve always thought the circumstances surrounding the split in Israel after the reign of Solomon, between what became the Northern and Southern Kingdoms, contained a strange contradiction – until I read more closely. 

Biblical Audio Commentary – Laughed Them to Scorn

Imagine, if you will, that a Godly man became President of the United States.  I know, I know, this is such a far-fetched fantasy that it’s impossible even to conceive.  What are the odds – right?  But humor me.

Isaiah 9:10 – The Bricks Have Fallen

Some of you are familiar with the book written several years ago by Jonathan Cahn called The Harbinger (  In examining the ancient prophecies of Israel, Cahn saw a parallel warning that applied to America.  His book and explanation were controversial, but Bible prophecy always is. The initial warning that Isaiah related from the Lord…

Acts 8:15 – Not Yet Fallen

he issue of how the Holy Spirit works is one that many have contended for years. I get it that people read the Scriptures in different ways and come up with interpretations at odds with each other.  Still, it seems to me that when we use some logic in certain passages, that should give us…