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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update: 4-5-23 – Good Counsel, Bad Counsel

It makes a difference who we listen to.  This is true whether one is a king or a peasant, someone living in ancient times or an individual today.  If people give us suggestions, what kind of discernment do we have to understand whether what is said is actually good counsel or bad counsel?

Biblical Audio Commentary – Those Who Were Left

Although it was obviously God-ordained, I’ve always thought the circumstances surrounding the split in Israel after the reign of Solomon, between what became the Northern and Southern Kingdoms, contained a strange contradiction – until I read more closely. 

1 Kings 13:34 – Fruit of Bad Counsel

Counsel may come from men and be good or bad and have its consequences; when counsel comes from God and is ignored the outcome is disastrous. When Rehoboam became king in place of his father Solomon, he immediately had a choice to make as to how he would rule.  The people of Israel came to…