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Biblical Audio Commentary – Obfuscation: The Fog of Lies

Whether we look back at many historical events or we consider ones that happen today, there is something that is off about the explanation surrounding them. Isn’t it common sense that if a tragedy happens, we can come to a straightforward understanding that satisfies most people? Wouldn’t you think that Occam’s Razor should apply?

Biblical Audio Commentary – What God is Doing

Many of us in the pre-Tribulation Rapture community are convinced that 2023 is THE year. This is it! Before the year ends, we’re out of here! I hope to God that’s the case. I’m really and truly tired and fed up with this world. For God to Rapture His true church and remove us from this evil and alien place right now would suit me just fine.

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 8-4-21: Graphene Oxide – Say What?

As we move deeper into the vaccine fantasy that everyone must be jabbed with an experimental biological agent that impacts human genes in unimaginable ways and which does nothing to keep a person from contracting COVID, we keep learning more and more about these extremely dangerous – literally poisonous – substances. I want to repeat…