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Biblical Audio Commentary – Tribulation Desolation: Good Luck, Post-Tribbers!

This is a never-ending source of fascination for me: How is it that those who adhere to a post-Tribulation Rapture perspective can actually look forward to those horrific seven years of God’s wrath and judgment?  And they do.  There is almost a glee about many of them as they consider these coming difficult times.  In their thinking: Oh, they’ll be shielded by God and also be performing astounding miracles.  I think some see themselves symbolically as the Two Witnesses.  They’ll live in protected, sustainable communities apart from all those on the receiving end of God’s punishment.  It’ll be a glorious time, unlike any other ever experienced on the earth for them. Well, they’ve got that last part right.

Romans 15:4 – Written For Our Instruction

God gives us His Word – the entire Word – for a reason.  There may be parts of Scripture where we wonder what it’s doing in there or how it applies to us, but for someone, somehow, it does pertain, so it’s all useful.  Paul’s letter to the Romans variously addressed both the Jewish believers…