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Biblical Audio Commentary – The Good Fig Rapture

The Bible is filled with typology. God wants His people to see and understand the deep mysteries of His kingdom, and He’s provided no lack of the means to do so. It’s just that we have to work a little bit to uncover what He wants us to understand. There is nothing in God’s Word that is unintentional, nor is there anything that’s coincidental. Everything we read is put there for a purpose. There are no casual accidents of fate in Scripture.

Biblical Audio Commentary – How Do Men of God Miss the Tribulation?

It puzzles me to no end. I listen to or read the works of several commentators who are very astute, one of them is absolutely a man of the God, the others appear so, yet for all they see going on in the world none appear to have read and absorbed the book of Revelation for what it actually says. How is it that men of God can discern the evil in this world and the globalist agenda but seemingly deny the Tribulation as it is described in the Bible?

Jeremiah 44:16 – We Will Not Listen

Man’s arrogance against God is often stunning.  His conceit in thinking he can exist and prosper without the One who created him seems to be without bounds.