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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 10-26-22: Intertwined Destinies of Israel & Iran

The Middle East remains a cauldron of prophetic activity as we head into the last months of this year. Israel is literally God’s prophetic clock that provides us with the milestones for determining when Christ will return.  If we want to know how close we are to doomsday midnight for the end of the world, we keep our eyes on Israel.

Antichrist’s Covenant with Israel & The Catholic Church

Original thinkers appeal to me—those who think out of the box.  Some of this ilk naturally end up far-afield and are completely wrong.  Others go against the grain of doctrine, i.e. what we know because that’s what we’ve always believed.  But, as Dr. Michael Heiser, one of my favorites in this thinking out-of-the-box category says:…

The Psalm 83 War: Part 1 of 6

This entry is the first of a 6-part series plus a 7th entry addendum on the Psalm 83 War.  The potential for such a war is disputed among Bible prophecy experts.  One of the first that I’m aware of to explore that this war is not yet a completely fulfilled prophecy was Bill Salus.  I…