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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 8-16-23: Problematic Catholic Bookend Beliefs – Part 1

I must be a masochist.  Not content to call out erroneous post-Trib Rapture and NAR doctrines, US government conspiracies, and the medical profession for their devilish, homicidal participation in the depopulation agenda which I call Hospicide, I also have to take on the Vatican.  Is it something simple like their faith by works beliefs or the false un-Scriptural notion of purgatory?  Oh no – I have to investigate their thinking about Genesis and Revelation – the two cornerstone books in the Bible.

Joshua 5:15 – Take Off Your Sandals

To be in the presence of the Lord is an awesome thing.  Coming before the Holy One of Israel must have been a heart-stopping experience.  In many places in the Bible we see mere mortals fall down in wonder when an angel appeared; consider how much more breathtaking it was when God Himself stood before…