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Rapture Readings 5 – Don’t Be Deceived

The end of the age is coming.  Jesus warned His disciples that this world as we know it has a finite life span.  Unfortunately, through the years, Jesus’ Words have been twisted and misunderstood.

Mark 13:19 – In Those Days

The disciples must have been astounded at what Jesus told them during what we know as the Olivet Discourse.  They had exclaimed about the grandeur of the temple, and He told them it would be completely destroyed.  They asked when that would happen and what the sign indicating the temple’s destruction would be, and He…

On Eagles’ Wings

Our God is a supernatural God.  We see that throughout the Bible in the many miracles, signs, and wonders that He performs.  In the Book of Exodus, He brings about ten terrible plagues upon Pharaoh and the nation of Egypt in the earth, the heavens, and upon man.  No doubt, he can do anything, even…