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Biblical Audio Commentary: Afterlife Destinations

After a discussion with a friend of mine concerning where people go when they die, I realized there is some confusion among believers about what the Bible teaches in this regard.  What I hope to do here is provide a simple explanation for my friend and others who aren’t quite sure about this important topic.

2 Corinthians 3:14 – Their Minds Were Hardened

The nation of Israel had everything going for it.  After all, when God has specially chosen you to be the focus and recipient of the purpose and destiny He has planned for mankind, surely He would pour out incredible mercy and goodness upon you.  That’s certainly the case, but Israel squandered it. God gave Moses…

Psalm 119:104 – I Get Understanding

Psalm 119 is like the meditation of a faithful man who relates how he remains steadfast in the Lord.  In the psalm he describes his encounters with those who hate him, and the response that he gives and lives.  Because it’s a writing of the Old Testament, i.e. of the Old Covenant, we can miss…