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The following is a short story called Non-Compliance I wrote several years ago, which is contained in my book titled Zapped! within the Wedding Day volume. Zapped! is a compilation of short stories written for the faith challenge contest at It reflects the clueless attitude of people back in Noah’s day, and in that…

Rapture Readings 4 – What Moses Represents

Certain incidents in the Bible often foreshadow other events yet to come.  This idea comprises the concept of typology.  Typology is a symbolic representation, usually showing something in the Old Testament in one manner to portray what will happen in the New Testament.

1 Chronicles 1:39 – Genealogical Mayhem

When you come across genealogies in the Bible, do your eyes cross and you begin to nod off, wishing this portion of your daily reading would hurry up and pass? That’s a typical reaction, and one you might have in your first several times reading through the entire Bible in a year and coming across…