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Jeremiah 49:35 – The Bow of Elam

It may appear today that Iran – with its Islamic theocracy and nuclear aspirations – is poised to bring great harm to Israel and the world.  It will try, but appearances are deceiving.

Colossians 1:20 – Reconciliation

Let’s connect something that Paul says in the amazing first chapter of Colossians with our reading today from Isaiah.  We can do that because the Scriptures are an integrated compilation overseen by the Holy Spirit with no contradictions.  They maintain consistency from the first to the last.  God breathed into them and we can trust…

Ecclesiastes 7:25 – The Wickedness of Folly

When Solomon became king at a young age following the death of his father David, he approached God and prayed mightily to Him.  His heart was right with the Lord.  Because of this, Yahweh answered Him.  God declared that since Solomon desired nothing for himself but wisdom in order to govern the people of Israel…