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Ezekiel 28:19 – A Dreadful End

The prophecies that Ezekiel brings against the city-state of Tyre are among the most extensive of any that God decrees. Their focus is actually upon Satan.

Isaiah 45:18 – God Formed the Earth to be Inhabited

The globalist narrative for many years has been that the earth is overpopulated.  These elites have said we must act now or we’re doomed.  How will the planet support any more people?  In fact, Paul Ehrlich, way back in his 1968 book The Population Bomb apocalyptically stated: “The battle to feed all of humanity is…

The Great Reset: Interview with Archbishop Carlo Vigano

The Great Reset: Blockbuster Interview with Archbishop Carlo Vigano The following is a reprint of a recent interview by Lifesite News of Archbishop Carlo Vigano. The original article can be found here:   Archbishop Vigano made news in 2020 because of his hard-hitting letters to President Donald Trump that outlined the wicked plans of…