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Miracles in Islam vs NAR

God works miracles.  Why?  What are they?  What are they for?  Can we demand or declare them?  Is there any difference in how a large number of western churchgoers approach miracles versus those in Islamic nations?

Luke 16:26 – A Great Chasm

In all the parables Jesus told, He never used proper names; He would simply give a description of a person, e.g. “the rich young ruler.”  There was one exception to this general rule, and that was in His recounting the incident with the beggar, Lazarus, and the rich man.  Because of the use of Lazarus’…

Judges 20:35 – Destruction of Benjamin

The final events in the book of Judges 19-21 are among the most grievous in Scripture.  From a human perspective, it also seems to make little sense how God operated.  If you’re like me, perhaps you come away from the narrative scratching your head and wondering what God had in mind the way everything transpired….

Matthew 26:59 – Seeking False Testimony

Can you imagine the animosity the religious leaders had against Jesus?  One could definitively say that His Words certainly didn’t tickle their itching ears.  Quite the opposite.  Every Word Jesus uttered must have grated on them and aroused their sensibilities against Him.  To relate these hateful thoughts and feelings to current events, think about how…