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Ezekiel 28:19 – A Dreadful End

The prophecies that Ezekiel brings against the city-state of Tyre are among the most extensive of any that God decrees. Their focus is actually upon Satan.

Jeremiah 44:16 – We Will Not Listen

Man’s arrogance against God is often stunning.  His conceit in thinking he can exist and prosper without the One who created him seems to be without bounds.

1 Corinthians 11:32 – Condemned Along With the World

The taking of Communion is a serious matter.  Partaking of it in the right manner may impact our very health and longevity; the context that Paul outlines implies that it may also have implications in how Jesus judges the world in the Tribulation. When Paul learned how the Corinthians were coming together for the Lord’s…

Romans 8:14 – Sons of God

Scripture refers to the sons of God in both the Old and New Testaments.  When we see this term in either place, it has very different connotations and yet, ultimately, the same meaning.  It’s very curious how the Bible speaks of this phrase under the two covenants.  Why?  Human beings are not in view when…