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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 11-23-22: Generational Decline

As we survey the debris in these last days of this lost, dying, and radically unbelieving world, there are many causes and explanations for the decline that is leading inevitably toward God’s wrath and judgment that will culminate in the 7-year Tribulation.

To Test Israel

To determine whether God’s Chosen People truly had faith in Him, the Lord allowed pagan nations to remain in the land of Canaan as the Exodus concluded so that the next generation of Israelites might experience war.

2 Samuel 21:1 – Bloodguilt

We’ve explored previously the importance of vows made ( and guilt that comes upon the land for the shedding of innocent blood ( Because of how seriously God takes these issues, Scripture repeats the lessons for us. As the Israelites conducted their conquest of Canaan, i.e. the taking of the Promised Land as God had…

Joshua 24:15 – Choosing Poorly

Both Moses and Joshua – righteous leaders of Israel – knew the dangers that would come upon God’s children if they reverted to their old ways of following other gods.  They warned the people with Yahweh’s very Words numerous times, yet they were quite aware how deceitful the hearts of men were and their inclination…

Joshua 18:3 – Possession of the Land

God promised His children they would take possession of the land of Canaan.  All that He had told them that He would do since delivering them from slavery in Egypt, He made good on His Word.  Time and again He had demonstrated to the Israelites that they could trust HIm.  God allowed an entire generation…