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To Test Israel

To determine whether God’s Chosen People truly had faith in Him, the Lord allowed pagan nations to remain in the land of Canaan as the Exodus concluded so that the next generation of Israelites might experience war.

Luke 1:45 – She Who Believed

There are some number of us who lament the fact that few in the church today take an interest in Bible prophecy.  We see that as a lack of teaching and preaching from the pulpit, and the subsequent disinterest in the congregation because they’re not inspired to search deeper into the Word of God in…

Numbers 33:55 – Trouble in the Land

Because of what the Israelites had learned in Egypt over their 400 years of captivity, Yahweh had a deconditioning project to accomplish with them.  They had been in the midst of a pantheon of pagan gods and gotten used to deities whose image they could see.  The verbal history of their people had probably taken…