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Shemitah – Agenda 2030 – Tribulation Timing

Is there a correlation to upcoming events on the Jewish calendar and things which are happening in the world.  Can we speculate with a possible high degree of certainty when the 7-year Tribulation will begin?  This article addresses these issues and more!

Isaiah 9:10 – The Bricks Have Fallen

Some of you are familiar with the book written several years ago by Jonathan Cahn called The Harbinger (  In examining the ancient prophecies of Israel, Cahn saw a parallel warning that applied to America.  His book and explanation were controversial, but Bible prophecy always is. The initial warning that Isaiah related from the Lord…

A Jeremiah Nation

I submit to you that America is a Jeremiah nation in a Jeremiah moment.  This was made clear to me as I came across an article by Michael Snyder on his End of the American Dream blog: Snyder notes two items of importance. Another prophetic dream by Pastor Dana Coverstone that he recounts as…