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Biblical Audio Commentary – Which Is It, Lord?

A couple months ago, two prominent pastors effectively presented two different scenarios regarding how the pre-Tribulation Rapture of the church might proceed. I follow both of them closely and respect them immensely. Yet the message that came forth from these astute men of God couldn’t differ more as to when the Rapture might happen.

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 6-7-23: A Catechism, of Sorts, on Faith

One of my objectives is to get folks to think.  The questions we should all ask are: What does Scripture say?  What are the implications when we look at all sides of certain passages?  How might this affect what we’ve been led to believe simply because someone else said it and declared it true?

Mark 6:22 – Herodias’ Daughter

It’s one thing for someone to reject Jesus, but another thing altogether when that person causes another to sin.  Due to the choices one makes, in a sense, it’s easy to see how progressive sin brings him (or her) to a very bad place.  During the Exodus, Yahweh dealt with this downward slide of iniquity…