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Biblical Audio Commentary – Obfuscation: The Fog of Lies

Whether we look back at many historical events or we consider ones that happen today, there is something that is off about the explanation surrounding them. Isn’t it common sense that if a tragedy happens, we can come to a straightforward understanding that satisfies most people? Wouldn’t you think that Occam’s Razor should apply?

The Q Quandary Continues

Don’t worry, I don’t plan to make a career out of writing about Q and the various quandaries that have arisen from those who follow, or conversely, dislike him.  Once again I thought I was finished with this series, but after spending a couple hours mowing the grass weeds—just me, the mower, the green stuff,…

Gods Over Nations – Then & Now

Have you ever considered the cultures described in the Old Testament and wondered why today we don’t see similar practices?  How could there be such depravity in those times and not in our current era?  What happened to the gods, the idols, the sexual perversions, the abominations with children, even the cannibalism?  Did all this…