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Biblical Audio Commentary – A Land Restored from War

The timing of the soon-coming War of Gog-Magog is always a fascinating issue. About a year ago I wrote about this with the conclusion that in my opinion it can only occur prior to the Tribulation and more than likely after the Rapture of the true church. The link to that prior Commentary is in the Transcript on my blog page.

In reading through Ezekiel once more I came across the phrase I used for the title of this article. In thinking about it a little more, I think this is one additional piece of evidence for the position that I’ve advanced as to the timing of this upcoming conflict.

Awaken Biblical Prophecy Commentary – 2nd Seal Wars, 1st Seal Peacemaker

As the world turns, tensions are escalating dramatically on many fronts. It’s a wonder to many analysts and commentators that any of these regional conflicts haven’t yet set off a hair trigger to initiate a worldwide conflagration. What are these dangerous enemies of each other waiting for to blow everything wide open? What is God waiting for?

Biblical Audio Commentary – Leftist Betrayal

We keep hearing about how terrible Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is because he won’t do this or that. Because he’s a right-wing, hard-liner, he won’t listen to reason. The latest calumny, i.e. slander, is that he refuses to consider what a post-war Gaza will look like, i.e. who will administer it.

Biblical Audio Commentary – Israel Alone

Things are moving along quite nicely toward the eradication of Israel, if you happen to be among one of those many people, groups, or governments dedicated to this cause. Antisemitism, i.e. Jew hatred/Israel hatred, has raised its ugly head and is now prevalent all over the world. German efforts in the 1930s leading to the Holocaust of 6 million Jews had nothing on this movement and where it’s leading. What? Gary, you think that what we’re seeing today is worse than what it was in Nazi Germany? No, not quite yet, although this is a much bigger crusade to kill off God’s Chosen People, and it absolutely will culminate in a much worse end result than that which occurred during World War 2.

Biblical Audio Commentary – Russia’s Path to Gog-Magog

Over the last number of years, I’ve spent a fair number of computer bytes discussing how Israel gets from her current situation to the Gog-Magog War of Ezekiel 38-39. I’ve also mentioned various circumstances around Iran’s journey to that seminal place where it collaborates with Russia and Turkey to attack Israel en masse. Turkey I’ve pretty much ignored, although it’s got its own trajectory to this war as well. Today let’s summarize what we have already discussed, where things stand, and then look primarily at Russia.

Biblical Audio Commentary – Barbarians at Israel’s Gates

The Hamas massacre perpetrated against Israel on October 7, 2023 was the most horrendous genocidal event against the Jews since the Holocaust. Over 1,200 innocent civilian men, women, and children were ruthlessly murdered that day. Before they were slaughtered, many were mercilessly raped and tortured. You may have seen this comparison, but based on population percentages, if the United States had suffered an equivalent loss of life on 9/11, 54,000 Americans would have been killed instead of 3,000. That’s the proportional difference, why it was so tragic, and why the psychological damage to the Jewish people in Israel has been so great. Think of how many more people you might have possibly known or come into contact with in our nation with so many more people senselessly killed in that 9/11 attack.