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Matthew 22:29-30 – The Nature of Angels

So, what is it?  Do angels marry or not?  In the verses we’re discussing today, it would seem that they don’t. The Sadducees have confronted Jesus about the issue of marriage and divorce.  These are the seemingly secular religious rulers, if we can call them that.  They were part of the Jewish Sanhedrin along with…

God’s Grief

Have you ever encountered the question, “Why is the Bible filled with stories of rebellion and all-around bad behavior?”  Sure you have.  The standard answer is: “That’s what makes it real; one of the reasons why we know it’s true.”  This is a good response, but does it go deep enough?  I don’t think so….

Interview: Gary W. Ritter & his new novel Alien Revelation

If you’d like an inside look at the writing of Alien Revelation and related topics, this interview will enable you to learn more.  

Review: Alien Revelation   This review of my latest novel Alien Revelation is what led to the book receiving the Reality Calling Christian Redemptive Fiction Award.  You can learn more about that reward and its importance at the link below.  

How We Limit God! — Part 2

Our typical Christian thinking tends to cause erroneous ideas regarding many aspects of the Bible.  One example of this that has popped into view for me recently is with the New Heavens and New Earth that we see in Revelation 21-22. What has been the way we’ve inevitably thought about “heaven?”  When we die we…

How We Limit God! — Part 1

One of the things I enjoy doing is taking what I’ve learned from my reading and my listening to various teachings and bringing it to others.  This is how knowledge and information are passed on.  In the Christian sphere, it’s how we disciple others even as we have been discipled in one manner or another….