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Jeremiah 36:23 – Book Burning

God so loved His Chosen People that He continually tried to get them to turn from their sins.  He knew that if they didn’t, they would face a day of reckoning.

John 12:8 – The Poor With Us

Whatever events happened around Him, Jesus always used them to teach about the kingdom of God. That which He taught His disciples then is useful for us today in one form or another. One compelling incident occurred among those in His inner circle just before His triumphal entry into Jerusalem at Passover before His crucifixion….

Luke 6:25 – Laughing Now

The prophetic Word that Jesus speaks in the Beatitudes is both comforting and chilling.  For those who hear what He said and love Him, there can be no greater promise.  For those who don’t hear, don’t care to hear, and who either hate Him or are apathetic about God and the hope He brings, what…

Spirit Baptism In the Deuteronomy 32 Worldview

Since reading The Unseen Realm by Dr. Michael S. Heiser, which rocked the way I view Scripture, I’ve begun considering how the Deuteronomy 32 worldview applies to other aspects of what I believe.  Even as Dr. Heiser says that we who have an eschatological view of the Bible look at it through certain systems we’ve…