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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 6-28-23: As in the Past, So in the Present

There is so much to learn from the trials, tribulations, and underlying apostasies of God’s children, Israel and Judah, when they turned away from Him in rebellion. When we read the Old Testament, we see that sinful people practice their sin regardless of who they are and in what earthly dispensation.  As it was in ancient Israel, so it is today in America and the rest of the world.

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 7-28-21 The Cost of Dissent

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 7-28-21 – The Cost of Dissent: Political & Religious Dissent Then & Now Dissenting from the party line – or the narrative as we often call it – can be costly. When political and religious leaders go down a certain path, and the mainstream media of the day is along for…

Job 42:3 – Too Wonderful For Me

The ignorance – or rejection – of God and who He is coming from so many in the world today continues to stun me despite my understanding of Biblical history and Scripture’s foretelling of what is to come.  Paul spared no sympathies for those who live their lives in such a fashion.  In Romans 1:18-23…