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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 6-1-22: The Fourth Turning Collapse

It’s time once more to explore where we are in the context of the Fourth Turning. For those not attuned to Bible prophecy, what I’ll discuss today will probably seem so far “out there” that it’s truly the stuff of conspiracy theory nightmares.  However, we know that there are no longer conspiracy theories, just conspiracy realities. 

Awaken Prophecy Update 4-7-21 – MMT Disaster

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 4-7-21 – MMT Disaster Discussion points: Review of article by Jim Rickards – * Introduction * What is MMT? * Money is no object * Isn’t excessive debt a bad thing? * The PAYGO system * Here’s what’s wrong with MMT * Who needs the bond market? * What about the…