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Biblical Audio Commentary – Obfuscation: The Fog of Lies

Whether we look back at many historical events or we consider ones that happen today, there is something that is off about the explanation surrounding them. Isn’t it common sense that if a tragedy happens, we can come to a straightforward understanding that satisfies most people? Wouldn’t you think that Occam’s Razor should apply?

Biblical Audio Commentary – What God is Doing

Many of us in the pre-Tribulation Rapture community are convinced that 2023 is THE year. This is it! Before the year ends, we’re out of here! I hope to God that’s the case. I’m really and truly tired and fed up with this world. For God to Rapture His true church and remove us from this evil and alien place right now would suit me just fine.

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 8-11-21: Puppet Master Conspiracy

By now we should be able to put to rest the lie concerning COVID and the so-called vaccine that those who don’t believe the government narrative are conspiracy theorists.  When we look at the big picture, there’s obviously something going on.  When literally every government leader around the world; the major medical authorities worldwide such…

Psalm 49:14 – Appointed For Sheol

The arrogance of those who hate God knows no bounds.  These are people who have determined that they are masters of their own destiny, and as such, that they can cheat Death and Sheol.  Regardless of their hubris, the Lord gives us who love Him the promise of His Word that they will fail in…