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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 2-22-23: A Controversial Rapture Discussion

Here we go again.  It seems as though I’ve been either blessed or cursed to examine various Scriptural topics that are off-limits for discussion because they’re controversial and might divide the body of Christ.  We as Christians invest a lot in various beliefs.  The one I’ll discuss at length today is no exception.

Revelation 3:11 – Hold Fast

The churches of Revelation have always intrigued me. Let’s take a brief tour of these churches to see how the Lord might view them in this final period before He returns.

Acts 20:30 – Men Speaking Twisted Things

In our reading of the psalms, we come to two inescapable conclusions.  The first is that David had many enemies.  The second is that he placed his entire faith and trust in the Lord to deliver him from his foes.  An issue we have to ponder, however, is whether David was exaggerating as to the…

Psalm 20:7 – Some Trust in Horses

In psalm after psalm we see that David exhibited his faith in the Lord.  Although in his descriptions, we understand that he faced many difficulties, from enemies that pursued him to those who betrayed him.  Yet, the common theme throughout the psalms David wrote is his believing loyalty to Yahweh. Men rose up on every…