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Acts 9:18 – Scales Fell From His Eyes

It is almost a cliche to say that the Lord moves in mysterious ways, yet it continues to be an absolute truth. To advance His kingdom, God uses those whom He chooses, and He does so in an often unexpected manner. The classic of this truism is with the Pharisee Saul who became the Apostle…

Acts 2:21 – Everyone Who Calls

Following the crucifixion of Jesus and His rising from the grave, He met with His disciples, telling them to wait in Jerusalem because they would be imbued with power from on high.  Indeed, as they met and prayed, the Holy Spirit came upon them, filling them with the power and authority of God Himself.  In…

Latest Pastor Dana Dreams Tell Us The Rapture Is Near

I hope you’ll take the time to watch this latest video with Pastor Dana Coverstone recounting his latest dreams. They’re quite detailed and intense. The one thing is for sure: God is plainly telling us the Rapture is very near!