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Implications of Engineered Baby Formula Shortage

The latest crisis to clobber the American public is a purposeful shortage of baby formula.  This, of course, is just one of many global supply chain problems – along with deliberate acts of sabotage – whether through physical harm to a production plant or by governmental action.  In the case of baby formula shortages, the FDA appears to be a prime mover causing this issue.

James 3:12 – Salt Ponds

The character of man is revealed throughout Scripture.  We learn about that which brings the favor and blessings of God; in contrast, we also see that which doesn’t. 

1 Corinthians 10:20 – They Offer to Demons

Too many people think they can live a so-called Christian life with one foot in God’s camp and one foot in the camp of demons.  Whether from ignorance or hubris, the church has been largely compromised over the years.  This has resulted in a Christian faith that accepts non-Biblical practices as though they come from…

Romans 1:30-31 – Ruthless Inventors of Evil

In this time of COVID and the formulation of compounds that masquerade as vaccines, those of us who are watching are learning much.  In fact, we’re learning more than most of us ever cared to know.  On my part, I’ve gained more medical knowledge and information about the human body than I previously knew.  It…