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Rapture Readings 6 – The Unexpected Hour

One of the passages in Matthew 24 that has caused a differing of opinions revolves around what is headed “No One Knows That Day and Hour.”  This section is where Jesus speaks about His return, but which return is it?

Three Timing Views of the Tribulation

The timing of the 7-year Tribulation and the unfolding of the plagues have come under scrutiny in recent years with differing views from that proposed in the past.  It used to be among the pre-Tribulation crowd (of which I am one) that a Traditional understanding prevailed.  Subsequently, a Modified version of that came on the…

Antichrist’s Covenant with Israel & The Catholic Church

Original thinkers appeal to me—those who think out of the box.  Some of this ilk naturally end up far-afield and are completely wrong.  Others go against the grain of doctrine, i.e. what we know because that’s what we’ve always believed.  But, as Dr. Michael Heiser, one of my favorites in this thinking out-of-the-box category says:…