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Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 11-22-23 – The Warning of Israel’s Broken Glass

Those who read or listen to my preaching on this topic today are probably going to be the choir.  As you might imagine, people gravitate to Bible teachers they tend to agree with.  For instance, I’ll only listen to somebody spouting Replacement Theology nonsense if I’m researching that person; certainly not as a regular diet. …

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update: 5-24-23 – Heinous Evil

There are days when the recognition of the evil in this world becomes overwhelming.  It’s at those times that I cry out to the Lord, “How long, O God?  How long?” Today, I want to speak a little about the heinous evil consuming this world but compare it with what is to come.  We have a great responsibility even in these final days, and despite how the darkness is closing in, I want to encourage you with how we can still make a difference.

2 Corinthians 8:14 – Your Abundance at the Present Time

Can you see into the future?  Does your vision extend past the present and your current situation?  Are you able to get a sense of what’s coming?  Do you know how you’ll act when difficult times are upon us?  Will you represent the Lord in a manner worthy of Him? I personally desire to answer…