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Satan’s Work – Hiding in Plain Sight

One of the pieces of advice given by the church over the years is to not focus too much on Satan so as not to give him glory.  That’s good up to a point.  However, what I think that counsel has done is cause us to miss the works of Satan right in front of us.

Awaken Bible Prophecy Update 6-1-22: The Fourth Turning Collapse

It’s time once more to explore where we are in the context of the Fourth Turning. For those not attuned to Bible prophecy, what I’ll discuss today will probably seem so far “out there” that it’s truly the stuff of conspiracy theory nightmares.  However, we know that there are no longer conspiracy theories, just conspiracy realities. 

The New “Community” Policing?

The latest news in the George Floyd martyrdom epic is that the Minneapolis City Council is seriously considering disbanding their police force.  Los Angeles also wants to move in that direction.  No doubt other cities will follow suit.  Additionally, the Minneapolis Public Schools have voted to end their contract with the Minneapolis Police Department.  That…

Prophecy Update – America’s Financial Doom

I know, that’s a cheery title for this essay.  Unfortunately, the facts bear out that our time of financial prosperity is short.  As has been cited by many writers besides me who look at the world’s condition through a Biblical, prophetic lens, regardless what the pundits may say, conditions on this earth as we know…