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Biblical Audio Commentary – Steeped in Sin

I’m going to apologize up front for this Commentary because its premise is so disgusting – yet, if we don’t examine these issues, we remain willfully ignorant or hopelessly naïve, our heads stuck in the sand, and we as Christians then cannot pray against the evil.

Audio Biblical Commentary – Ds & Rs Promoting & Condoning Sin

Because what I’m going to say here is never spoken from the pulpit, I know it’s going to anger a bunch of people.  Well, truth is like that. I won’t leave you in suspense.  Because of what the Democrat Party in this nation stands for, I believe that anyone who calls himself a Christian commits a grievous sin by being a part of and supporting this political party.

Acts 7:54 – They Ground Their Teeth

An anti-God spirit runs deep throughout the world.  It is true that each human being made in the image of God has what some have termed “a God-shaped hole” in his heart, and the one who fills it with the love of Christ will receive abundantly over and above what he expects.  However, there is…

Nehemiah 2:10 – It Displeased Them Greatly

The account of Nehemiah’s efforts is another marvelous example of having faith in that which is unseen and acting to bring it about.  As one of the Jewish exiles, Nehemiah had settled into his fate, serving his captors in a righteous manner and representing Yahweh well.  As cupbearer to the king, he had always kept…