Sweet Wormword Effective Against COVID?

A reader writes:

No need to get back to me, I am a nurse who did most of the journey toward NP [naturopathy], now switched to studying medical herbs because of what I see with big pharma.  For what it’s worth to you and your readers the active ingredient of hydroxychloroquine was developed out of some of the active components of artemisia annua (Sweet Wormwood).  Current study in England https://www.wpi.edu/news/early-research-finds-extracts-sweet-wormwood-plant-can-inhibit-covid-19-virus
This variety of wormwood also does not have the potential for hallucinogens that other varieties have.  As a non-controlled herb people may source it themselves from many supplement stores.

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  1. Reply Susan Clack

    Dr Bryan Ardis has been speaking about taking arteminisin (the active ingredient in wormwood). He takes it on a daily basis. Check out his website at drardis.com

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