Rapture Readings 1 – Isaiah’s Pre-Trib Rapture Passage

Based on:

October 2: Isaiah 26:20

(Isaiah 24-26; Ephesians 4)

For some reason, many Christians literally hate the idea that God has planned to remove His true church from the earth prior to the soon-coming 7-year Tribulation.  Why they get so worked up against those of us who believe in the pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Bride of Christ is a mystery, other than the fact that Satan doesn’t want God’s children to be waiting with eager anticipation for this blessed event.  To counter some of this backlash against the clear Word of Scripture, I decided to do a series of readings from several of the essays I wrote in my 4-volume set of Awaken Bible Commentaries and Reflections.  I hope these are a blessing to you and give you the confidence that Jesus really is coming soon to snatch us from this alien place that is not our home.  I’ve provided a link if you’re interested in purchasing these books to gain a greater appreciation of the supernatural and prophetic aspects of God’s Word throughout the Bible.  I guarantee you that they are totally unique in bringing these wonderful aspects of Scripture.  With that introduction, here is the Rapture Reading concerning Isaiah’s Pre-Trib Rapture Passage.


Awaken Bible Commentary & Reflections – Volume 1:

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