Prophecy Update: Q & The NWO

This is a prophecy update that discusses Q and the New World Order.  If you’re not familiar with Q and how he is helping President Trump to fight the Deep State and the forces of globalism, this video should be a good introduction for you.

It is a lengthy video, but the beauty of YouTube is that you can watch a portion of it and come back the next day with it picking up right where you left off.  The video is in a class format; I think you’ll find it instructive.

2 Responses to “Prophecy Update: Q & The NWO”

  1. Reply Cheryl

    Hi – I watched your video and thou I agree with most of it – I also believe this is the delusion sent by God to fool his elect – If you go to the watchmen cry and review the 5 chronicles of trump and ignore his emotions involved of hating trump. His articles are an eye opener – no I am not a LDS just a believing Christian that looks at all –
    There are so many Christians caught up in Q that do not know their bibles and so many that do and still believe this great awakening garbage – we are in peril times – we need to be teaching in the book of revelation – not Q – it mirrors the end time happenings to the great awakening (1000 yr plan) trump is involved as all governments of this world.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Hi Cheryl,
      Thanks for your comments. Yes, it’s amazing how too many Christians seek what man thinks is best or is coming rather than believing the Word of God. God bless.

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