Pastor Dana’s Prophetic Dreams

As a Bible prophecy guy, I look at the world through a Biblical, prophetic lens.  That means I read what the Word says and apply it to what’s going on in the world.  That’s called exegesis.  The opposite of that is eisegesis, where one takes preconceived notions and reads them into the text.  This leads to false interpretation and understanding.  Only by drawing out of the text through exegesis can we truly know God’s Word and its application to our lives.

Prophetic dreams are common in the Bible.  Because the gifts of the Holy Spirit did not end at the conclusion of the 1st century, as some would argue, people today exhibit those gifts at certain times under the hand of God.  However, there are many today who claim these gifts as well as the mantle of prophet and apostle.  Frankly, in my book, that’s not Biblical.

When someone has a dream, vision, or prophecy, we have to apply the Word of God to it.  Does it line up with what God had His prophets of old declare?  How does it resonate in our spirit?  Using our God-given wisdom and discernment, where do we stand upon hearing what someone tells us that may have come from God?

Because of my concerns about the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), which I’ve written about at length in these blogs, anyone who has read my essays know that I’m very leery of these guys.  As a lay pastor in a Pentecostal church I’m also leery of charismatic excesses, so you won’t find me sharing something like this video below very often.

The Bible is very clear that tribulation will arise as we grow closer to the return of Jesus – and I’m not talking about THE Tribulation.  As a longtime volunteer with Voice of the Martyrs, I’ve said over the years that the American church has it way too easy compared with our brothers and sisters in Christ in places like the 10-40 Window.  I’ve often speculated that something would happen to cause the churches in America to face difficulties in order to bring us more in line with our persecuted brethren overseas.

Well, we’ve seen a lot in this year of 2020 already.  With the upcoming election, I believe we’re going to see and experience a lot more.  As the church, are we ready for these things?  Generally, I have to say no.  The great falling away – the great apostasy – is underway.  Many people in the coming months (years? if the Lord tarries) will deny Christ.  Things will get tough.

Our job as true, Bible-believing, Christ-followers is to dig in, to follow hard after our Lord, and to do that which He has placed us on this earth to do.

This video may shake you.  I hope it does.  We’ll see by December or so how this plays out.  Is Pastor Dana’s vision true or false?  Either way, difficult times are here, and things will get worse before they get better.  But for those of us who know Jesus as Lord and Savior, the best is yet to come!  He will snatch us away soon – very soon.  The Rapture is imminent.  I don’t know what that means timing-wise, but I urge everyone reading this: make sure you’re right with God, and get ready for what’s to come – bad and good – because it’s surely coming!


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  1. Reply Gwen K Williams

    Very powerful. My family and I have been saying the same thing that you dreamed about. We have been preparing since last year. When things started getting bad. People think we’re crazy but we will be prepared. And we are on the verge of a civil war now. It just keeps getting closer. I believe what you dreamed about will happen. It is our Lord and Saviour trying to prepare us. Thank you so much for sharing what you dreamed about. I will be sharing this. God bless you.

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      Thank you, Gwen. Just to be clear, this dream is from Pastor Dana – it is not my dream. I have a very healthy respect for what he has conveyed because of how it resonates in my spirit as to the chaos and anarchy prophesied from a Biblical perspective. I think our proper Biblical response is to take it very seriously, but to also put it on the shelf as to the coming events. That will be the true telling point as to the dream’s veracity and whether it’s from God. The fact that he gives a future scenario is very important from a true-false prophecy aspect. Anybody can say they had a dream several months ago and they publicize it now after it’s come to pass. It’s a whole different ballgame saying what will occur in the future as we sit here right now. I also highly recommend you watch Pastor Dana’s second dream about coming persecution in the church. I’ve believed for a long time that will occur.

  2. Reply Annette Krusinsky

    I believe that this is a wake-up call for all of us to pray and be in touch with God. And a call to all to repent and turn to God..

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      It surely is. Bible prophecy is advancing at lightning speed. Just as Pastor Dana said, we need to brace ourselves and endure to the end.

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