Joel 2:2 – Their Like Has Never Been

We’re going to take a little flight of fancy today into some dark speculation of what may be coming soon to this world.

The book of Joel has extreme prophetic imagery that will probably result in actual fulfillment beyond what most of us can imagine.  The typical connection made is between the description of the demonic “locusts” on Joel’s Day of the Lord and the hordes of “locusts” unleashed from the bottomless pit of hell at the sound of the 5th Trumpet in Revelation 9.  I think this is correct.  Many of the prophecies echoed in the Old Testament are shown coming to pass in the New Testament, particularly drastic ones like we’ll discuss today that are fulfilled in the Tribulation.

I place quotes around locusts because I believe that whatever these creatures are, they are much more than locusts/grasshoppers that we’re familiar with today.  As often happens, Joel sees a vision of something that has a near-term fulfillment, but then looks into the future.  More than that, perhaps similar to the passages in Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14 that discuss certain evil human kings at the time, they also see through those men to look at Satan.  In this instance, the analogy or comparison is to an actual locust invasion resulting in much devastation, to something yet to come that is much more sinister.

The specific verses bringing these two prophecies together are Joel 2:4 and Revelation 9:7:

Joel 2:4

Their appearance is like the appearance of horses,

    and like war horses they run.

Revelation 9:7

In appearance the locusts were like horses prepared for battle: on their heads were what looked like crowns of gold; their faces were like human faces…

There is much more as to how these creatures operate and bring devastation to both the earth itself and to humanity.  I recommend you read these chapters to gain greater insight.

What I want to discuss today goes toward the nature of these terrible beings.  As I said earlier, I’m speculating in order to make a connection with another OT prophecy.  I haven’t seen anyone mention this previously, so maybe I’m completely off, but I’ll let you who read this be the judge.

On this awful day (which is actually an extended period) of darkness, look at what Joel 2:2 says:

…Like blackness there is spread upon the mountains

    a great and powerful people;

their like has never been before,

    nor will be again after them

    through the years of all generations.

Isn’t this an interesting verse?  It describes a nation or a people group of some sort.  It’s not describing locusts as we know them.  And these people are quite peculiar.  Never before has there been anything like them, nor will there ever be again.  In that sense, the description fits well with Revelation’s demonic hordes that rise from deep within the earth.

We know from the descriptions in Joel and Revelation that these things are unlike anything else in their appearance and abilities.  They have a singular purpose to destroy, but as Revelation 9:5-6 says, when they “sting” an unbelieving human, this person will experience tremendous torment for five months, desiring desperately to die, but not being able to do so.

What are these things?  Are they solely demonic, or is there another aspect to them?  To explore these questions further, let’s go to the book of Daniel and really go out on a limb.

King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream that Daniel interpreted is intriguing in itself, however, Daniel 2:43 makes a statement that is quite puzzling and has led to much speculative interpretation over the years.  Daniel has worked his way down from the head to the toes in telling the king what is in the future.  He says that the toes are a composite of iron and clay, then Daniel 2:43 relates:

As you saw the iron mixed with soft clay, so they will mix with one another in marriage, but they will not hold together, just as iron does not mix with clay.

What is the meaning of iron and of clay?  Who are they?  This gets deep, so hang on.

Most of us are aware today of the push toward transhumanism by the globalist elites.  Transhumanism seeks to merge man and machine to make better humans, i.e. Man 2.0.  Biblically speaking, clay is human flesh.  Machines are made of metal components, i.e. iron.  Is this verse describing this melding of these components with the resultant mixture, something that ultimately cannot hold together?  Is a 3,000 year old prophecy describing transhumanism just as it is occurring in our present age?

What about the use of this word they?  Are these composite beings still human?  Do they look like men?  Maybe some do, but is there something else also being described?

Perhaps you’re aware of the efforts by the Chinese and American armies to create supersoldiers?  Research and experimentation toward this end has been going on for quite some time.  What if they are the result of this work?  What if their appearance is not what we would expect, i.e. something more terrible than anyone imagines?  What if, as well, because these things aren’t truly human anymore, that they are demonically possessed?

What if they in Daniel are Joel’s great and powerful people; their like [of which] has never been before, nor will be again after them through the years of all generations?

The evil being planned, of which we’re only on the cusp, is more horrendous than most of us can conceive.  We see the wickedness being perpetrated upon unsuspecting people through the administration of the COVID shots that cause death and serious health issues.  This is just the beginning.  Those who are perpetrating these ills and bringing these technological “advances” to fruition are surely demonically inspired, if not actually possessed.

Why oh why, would any true follower of Jesus Christ think that He would allow His beloved Bride to enter into such a time as what’s coming during the Tribulation?  He loves us too much.  Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, He paid the price for our deliverance from this coming wrath.

Fear not.  The Lord will come soon in the clouds to snatch us away before the worst of these things come to pass.  It is written.  This truly alien place is not our home.  Will you believe God’s promise to His children?

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