Ivermectin Protocol for COVID Prevention & Treatment

The most important action any of us can take is to improve the quality of our health.  It has been shown unequivocally that certain vitamins are crucial to our bodies’ ability to fight off infection.  Among these are Vitamin D3, Zinc, and Vitamin C at appropriately high levels.

Despite mainstream media propaganda to the contrary, early treatment with Ivermectin and/or Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) are proven, safe drugs for prevention and treatment of COVID.  It is vital that if someone contracts COVID that the infection be treated with these medications within the first five (5) days.  If not, severe infection and inflammation can set in and make treatment more problematic.  Please see the charts below for details.

My usual caveat: I am not a medical professional of any kind and have no connection whatsoever with any organizations to which I point people or post information that may be helpful.

One last item: I’m not sure why the FLCCC Alliance recommends wearing masks.  From everything I’ve seen, they are next to worthless.  That is my major disconnect from this document below.



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  1. Reply Jim Berning

    How is ivermectin taken?
    How often?
    Do you need to take Zinc and vitamin D 3 with it
    Thank you

    • Reply Gary Ritter

      If we’re talking about a proper prescription of Ivermectin from a pharmacy, like what I was able to obtain through speakwithanmd.com several months ago before they started having the significant delays with the pharmacy, here are the instructions for my meds. My understanding is that they are given per one’s body weight (I’m only about 140 lbs). My instructions for 3 mg tablets are to take 4 pills of the Ivermectin daily for 5 days (20 tablets prescribed).

      I know some people are taking Ivermectin after getting paste or liquid from Tractor Supply, but I don’t have any specifics on that and wouldn’t want to even try saying what someone should do with that.

      From what I’ve heard from doctors like Sherri Tenpenny, Ivermectin can also be taken along with Hydroxychloroquine – FYI. Yes, I believe it’s wise to take before, during, and after, vitamins such as zinc, D3, C, and Quercetin in appropriate quantities. These all add to either building up the immune system or work alongside the Ivermectin and HCQ if those are being taken when someone has COVID.

      The principle with Ivermectin, HCQ, and Quercetin (obtain OTC from health food store) is that that act as a zinc ionophore. They make a way for the zinc to get into the cells and protect or rid the system of the COVID infection. To this end, if you cannot get HCQ or Ivermectin in a timely manner, get Quercetin, because it works pretty much the same and doesn’t require a prescription.

      Good luck and God bless!

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